Un Child Safety Kit (kit de Seguridad Infantil)

UN Child Safety Kit (Kit DE Seguridad Infantile)

En Estados Unidos y Canadá, alrededor de 570,000 niños se reportan como desaparecidos cada año. Un Child Safety Kit (Kit de Seguridad Infantil) important to have for every child and grandchildren.

Un Child Safety Kit (kit de Seguridad Infantil)

Please, Kit de Seguridad Infantil

Las estadísticas pueden ser alarmantes, pero usted puede darle a su hijo una medida adicional de seguridad. Solicite hoy un Kit de Seguridad Infantil Sin Costo y registre los datos vitales de su hijo. La información médica de urgencia en un lugar conveniente y seguro. Si su hijo es reportado como desaparecido, usted tendrá inmediatamente disponible toda la información importante acerca de su hijo. De modo que las autoridades puedan ayudar a encontrarlo.

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Consejos de Seguridad para Niños

#1 – Tratar el tema de la seguridad de una forma no amenazante De modo que su hijo no se muestre temeroso de personas o situaciones peligrosas, pero sí que sea cauteloso y consciente.

#2 – La comunicación abierta es la clave. Anime a su hijo a confiar en su intuición y que pueda avisarle a usted cuando algo está mal.

#3 – Asegúrese de que su hijo sepa su nombre completo, dirección y número de teléfono, el lugar dónde usted trabaja. Y cómo pueden comunicarse con usted. Enséñeles cómo marcar el 911 y el uso de un teléfono celular en una situación de emergencia.

#4 – Informe a su hijo las normas relativas a los extraños. Dígale a su hijo que los adultos no deben pedir ayuda a los niños ni los adultos deben amenazar a los niños. Ellos nunca deben acercarse a un vehículo desconocido o irse a cualquier parte con un adulto que no conocen.

#5 – Nunca marque prendas de ropa y mochilas. O artículos personales con el nombre de su hijo. Then Un extraño puede utilizar esta información.

#6 – Establezca un sistema acerca de lo que se debe hacer si usted y su hijo se llegan a separar en un lugar público.

#7 – Sepa dónde está su hijo en todo momento. Y recuerde actualizar los registros de su hijo cada 6 to 12 meses.

La seguridad de un niño es una prioridad para cualquier padre o abuelo. Encontrar mejores formas de proteger a sus hijos. O nietos a medida que van creciendo puede ser un reto.

UN kit DE Seguridad Infantil puede ser esencial para la aplicación DE la ley en casa DE una emergencia.


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Watch out for the Child Molesters In Your Neighborhood!

kit de Seguridad Infantil

All parents want to protect their children from predators. But how do you keep your kids safe when you do not know how to spot one? Anyone can be a child molester or a pedophile. So identifying one can be very difficult. Especially because most child molesters and pedophiles at first seem like normal people to us. So Keep reading to learn which behaviors and traits are red flags and what situations to avoid. Even how to stop a child molesters from targeting your child.

You must Understand that any adult could be a child molester. There is no one physical characteristic, profession, or personality type that all child molesters share. The Child molesters can be any sex or race. Even their religious affiliations, their occupations, and hobbies are as diverse as anyone else’s. A child molester may appear to be charming, loving, and completely good nature. Then while harboring predatory thoughts that he or she is great at hiding. That means you should never dismiss the idea that someone could be a child molester out of hand.

The Most abused children know their abuser. Thirty percent of children who have been sexually abused were abused by a family member. And 60 percent were abused by an adult they knew who was not a family member. That means only 10 percent of children who are sexually abused were targeted by a total stranger.

In most cases, a molester turns out to be someone the child knows through school. Or another activity, such as a neighbor, teacher, coach, member of the clergy, music instructor, or a babysitter. Even Family members like fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, stepparents, and so on may also be sexual predators. So lets start protecting them any way possible. Know the common characteristics of a child molester. While anyone can turn out to be a child molester. The majority of child molesters are men, regardless of whether their victims are male or female. Many sexual predators have a history of abuse in their past, either physical or sexual.

Some also have a mental illness, such as a mood or personality disorder. Heterosexual and homosexual men are equally likely to be child molesters. The idea that homosexual men are more likely to be child molesters is a complete myth. Female child molesters are more likely to abuse boys than girls.

Look for the signs of grooming in someone. The term grooming refers to the process the child molester undertakes to gain a child’s trust. And sometimes the parents’ trust as well. Over the course of months or even years, a child molester will increasingly become a trusted friend of the family. Offering to babysit, take the child shopping or on trips with them. Or even spend time with the child in other ways. Many child molesters will not begin abusing a child until they gain their victim’s trust. Some child molesters may use others opinions around them to gain their trust. To back up their trustworthiness in parents. In order to take their children shopping to get them gifts. All kids love getting gifts from everyone.

Child molesters will look for children who are vulnerable to their tactics. Because they lack emotional support or they are not getting enough attention at home. They will try to convince the parents that their children are safe with them. And that they are not going too far away. The child molester will attempt to step in as the parent figure for the child.
Some child molesters prey on the children of single parents. Who are not available to provide as much supervision. They will also try to convince parents that they are nice enough to supervise the child without them.

Then a child molester will often use a range of games, tricks and activities. Even language to gain trust and deceive a child. By keeping secrets for them. These Secrets are valuable to a lot kids. This being seen as a source of power. Even using sexually explicit games, fondling, kissing, touching and sexually suggestive behavior. They will Even expose a child to pornographic material, coercion, bribery and flattery. Even worst of all the affection and love. So be aware that these tactics are ultimately used to isolate and confuse your child.

I know first hand about a child molester. He was a very good friend of a family for over 13 years. Before everyone had found out that he was molesting their boy. The child molester started doing this when the boy was 10 years old and now 14 yrs old. Then he molested 3 other boys. These boys, who were abused also, were good friends with the boy. This child molester Pretended to be an Uncle to these boys. This sick man became best friends with a parent. Just to get close to these boys. He put on a good act in front of everyone. Everyone did not even see any signs at all! But thank God he is finally in prison. For what he has done to these poor kids. I will NEVER trust anyone ever again! No matter who they are.

I can not understand how anyone can do this to a child. Our children are vulnerable to everyone and we need to try and teach them the best we can. Teach them not to keep secrets from their parents or family members. That their family are there to help keep them safe as possible. We need to show them every day how much we love them. No matter what happens to them. Let them know that we will always be there for them.

My children are everything to me. I try and keep them safe as possible from those crazy people in the world we live in. Do not trust just anyone!

It breaks my heart every day to see these precious children come up missing and molested.

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Our children are very important in our lives! So we need to protect our children from everyone in this crazy world we live in. No matter who these people are in our lives these days. Even the strangers you see on the streets and neighbor hoods we live in.