Solar Water Heater – Build Your Own


You Can Easily Build Your own Solar water Heater. And Save up to 33% Off Your Electric Bill Every Month While Helping the Environment.


      Can a Water Heater Really Be Solar? The answer is YES, ABSOLUTELY! 

It is an easy step by step guide will show you several different plans to build your very own solar water heater system. These plans are easy enough for anyone to follow and will give you the option of how you would like to set up and install your water heater. You can build an entire system for less than $70. Once installed, you will be saving up to 1/3 of your electric bill each and every water heater

Works in warm and cold climates

Will greatly improve your homes energy efficiency

Boost performance while reducing electricity usage

Works anywhere in the world

100% safe/legal – guaranteed!


 Get set up for the cheapest, best value price.

From the DIY workshop of Tom Haydensolar water heater
Solar energy enthusiast
and creator of Simple Heaters. Hi, my name is Tom Hayden and I have been studying, building and using solar energy for over 30 years. The technology to build a solar power water heater has been made easy and affordable.As a matter of fact, solar water heaters are very popular and common around the world.

His Solar Water Heater kit is going to show you everything you need to know about building, installing. And using a solar powered water heater.

If you are interested in learning exactly how to heat with solar and reduce your bill, then this is the perfect resource for you!

When used in addition to your existing water heater, a solar water heater reduces the need to artificially heat water. Simply put, the water entering your water heater is already hot.

Solar water heaters have been around for 100’s of years in the United States. The first patent for a commercial solar water heater was in 1891. In fact, Butch Cassidy’s place in Utah still has remnants of a solar water heater.


Enjoy incredible savings on your electric bill.

Build your water heater for the lowest price. Similar water heaters cost $1000 and up!

This system can be built in as little as a weekend.

Here is a Testimony of someone who built this water heater:

I am now doing my part to save the environment.

My 16 year old son is always talking to me about how we need to recycle more and how we need to help save the planet.

I came across your website and decided to give it a try. I made building  our solar hot water heater a project for me and my son.

He thought it was great. We had a lot of fun together and it was really easy to do. I am proud to say that I am now doing my part to save the environment.

Thanks again,

Jay Klein


How Safe is it?solar water heater

Solar hot water systems produce clean, nonpolluting energy. A single hot water system can offset the equivalent of approximately 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions of a modern passenger car. They are safe for our environment, safe for plants, safe for animals and safe for all of us.

By following the step by step directions contained within our guide, you will be able to build and install your solar water heating system. A solar water heater poses no threat to the operation of your existing water heater. In fact, installing a solar water heater can prolong the life of your conventional water heater.

You will Also get Energy Saving Tips.

The average family currently spends $1600 each year on utilities, and that amount is expected to rise drastically this year. A lot of the energy costs for a typical home is wasted though and this is where you can save 10% to 50% on your utility bills.
The trick to getting the most savings is to use a whole house approach. From the roof, walls, and insulation that enclose it to the appliances and lights inside. Using the simple and practical tips you will find in No Cost and Low Cost Energy Saving Tips For Your Home.

Living Green:

Some of the things you will learn in this How to Live Green E book include:

  • Recycling
  • Save as much power as possible
  • Organic gardening and lawn care

“How to Live Green: Tips for Reducing your Carbon Footprint”