Pokemon Go Mastery CBs First Pogo Guide!

                                 POKEMON GO MASTERY!

Take your Pokemon Go Trainer from Level 1 to 40 Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible with Pokemon Go Mastery!                                                           pokemon go mastery    pokemon GO mastery                                                                                                                You will be shocked at how many challenges there are on your way to rocking gyms, boosting your team, and catching the full roster of Pokemon. Some of them are technical – this game makes you do a LOT of walking around…

And some are just due to the nature of the game. Live in a rural area? Either shell out in the Pokeshop or prepare to suffer. But some of us are crushing it with Pokemon Go, wowing our friends, and filling our Pokedexes with high CP pokemon. And we would love to show you how on Pokemon Go Mastery.

  • How to Get up and Running in Five Minutes
  • The SECRET STARTER that your friends are not
    talking about
  • How to control training gyms your neighbors
    ca not even FINDpokemon go mastery
  • The Basics:

    How to keep this game from
    chewing up your battery

  • The Secret to GYM Domination
  • The “sniper secret” that let’s you take a gym
    from stronger Pokemon
  • How to get 42,000 Stardust and 800 PokeCoins
    every week on autopilot
  • Never have to waste REAL money on PokeCoins
    ever again!
  • How we are constantly CRUSHING rival gyms by
    doing THIS before we start…
  • Advanced Leveling Guide
  • How to increase your trainer level fast
  • The little trick they are using to get DOUBLE XP
    without lucky eggs
  • Why you SHOULD NOT be so fast to leave a
    Pokestop… and the cool bonuses your friends
    are missing
  • Why experienced Pokemon trainers LOVE low
    level stuff like Pidgey
  • Pokemon Evolution Mastery
  • Where to find Pokemon types in the real worldpokemon go mastery
  • Evolve the RIGHT Pokemon to leave your
    competition in the dust
  • How to save yourself from wasting Pokeballs
    in high-pressure situations
  • The FOUR different types of Pokeballs and
    where to use them
  • Why you SHOULD NOT get too attached to any
    of your Pokemon in this game…
  • The WORST POSSIBLE time for evolving your
  • Which Eevee evolution is the best? It is not
    what you think! Let them reveal to you the
    CORRECT way that will save you from an evolution disaster.
  • Capture the Strongest Pokemon

    topokemon go mastery
    Crush The Competition

  • Not all Pokemon are created equal, do not waste
    time training the WRONG Pokemon
  • The top ten most powerful Pokemon in the game
    and where to find them
  • Find the strongest wild pokemon while people
    standing next to you are scratching their heads
  • Get to the top Pokemon WITHOUT walking
    around randomly pokemon go mastery
  • Advanced Tactics

  • The battery saving feature that is totally useless
  • Should you buy Pokecoins, or are they a waste
    of money?
  • No combat? No problem. Here is how to power
    up your Pokemon without battling…
  • How we are hatching our eggs without doing
    any walking (move on this FAST)
  • Why you should NEVER stand still with an incense.
  • How to log walk time at night without moving.

    BONUS – CHARTS: Do not remember all the types and weaknesses? They made a chart that has you covered.

    The first 15 level rewards? They made a chart for you.pokemon go mastery 

    If you are into Pokemon Go, you are going to have EVERYTHING you need to crush it… again, even just KNOWING what they know is like having the game pay you $8 a week for playing. You are going to know this game front and back and they are constantly on top of the updates being made to the game. So you will NEVER be left behind when Niantic gets a bug up their butt about one feature or another one.

    There is ALWAYS someone on the inside, someone doing things the rest of the community thinks is impossible. Chances are, if you are frustrated that someone is holding a gym you are not… or showing off a rare Pokemon on Twitter… odds are good they are learning from Pokemon Go Mastery.

    So you can STOP being frustrated and START winning.You are getting the bleeding edge information on Go from the trainers that are ahead of the curve. So they are going to keep this stuff reasonably under the radar (because the more they crush it, the more the developers mess around with the game so that you can only “win” by paying a fortune).