Favorite Restaurant Dishes – Make Yours At Home!


Discover the secret recipes from your favorite restaurants and easily cook them YOURSELF! So Make Your Favorite Restaurant Dishes at home!

From Ron Douglas, NY Times Best Selling Author. 

make your favorite restaurant dishes

Dear Fellow Foodie,

My name is Ron Douglas, and I have a confession. I LOVE taking my family out to eat! I am sure you do, too. And we are not alone!

The average American family eats out 3 times per week or more. In 2010, the average American family spent about $2,700 a year in restaurants! That is nearly HALF of their entire food budget!

That comes out to hundreds of dollars spent on food each month at the bare minimum!

Of course, there is nothing wrong with spending money on your favorite foods. After all, you just can not make those delicious dishes at home, right? And even if you tried, they just would not TASTE the same.

But what if you could make favorite restaurant dishes:

Recreate and make your favorite restaurant dishes on demand, in your very own kitchen whenever you felt like it..

Make ALL your friends and family go wild over your cooking at the next party or gathering! They might not even BELIEVE you cooked these!.

Fool EVERYONE into thinking you have taken professional cooking classes by simply following simple, surefire instructions.

And of course SAVE MONEY because groceries are cheaper than restaurants, and you do not need any special equipment or rare ingredients!

Well NOW you CAN! Copy the big restaurant flavors you love and ENJOY them at home, any time you want!

I finally figured out how, but it was not easy at first.

When I figured out just how much I was spending to treat my family these delicious dishes we loved. I just KNEW I had to start cooking more at home. After all, I love to cook!

But no matter how tasty my dishes were, my family was always disappointed. That it was not QUITE the same flavors that they were practically ADDICTED to. make your favorite restaurant dishes

– My friends said my pasta was NOT as good as Olive Garden’s.


– My kids said my seafood was NOT as good as Red Lobster.


– And my wife said my special fried chicken was NOT as good as Kentucky Fried.

In fact, she actually DARED me to recreate the famous Colonel Sanders KFC recipe at home. She did not think I could do it. So I set out to prove her wrong!

But restaurants JEALOUSLY guard their

secret recipes, don’t they?

make your favorite restaurant dishes

It is true! You can not just walk into KFC and ASK for their famous recipe. In fact, the cooks do not even KNOW the secret seasonings themselves. They arrive premixed from corporate distributors. Kind of gross.

This is crazy, but KFC’s famous mix of 11 herbs and spices is SO secret. They mix it in TWO separate locations. The only copy of the formula that is kept in a computerized vault. In their Louisville headquarters, protected by motion detectors and video cameras!

Now, I was not willing to go all Mission Impossible on their headquarters. So in my quest for a copycat recipe, I started searching high and low on the internet.

                                      And I was AMAZED!

There were HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people just like me. Experimenting in their own kitchens and trying to save money by cooking at home. But UNWILLING to give up on their favorite flavors!

And they were not just cloning Kentucky Fried Chicken, but HUNDREDS of dishes from ALL my family’s favorite restaurants.

So Make your Favorite Restaurant Dishes.

                                     But DO NOT be fooled!

Even though there are endless amounts of recipes online that CLAIM to taste just like the real thing. Most of them are junk! I spent night after disappointing night trying out recipes that just DO NOT work.

I have used MASSIVE amounts of trial and error, consulted with professional chefs. And collaborated with tens of thousands of other recipe clones online. To make my recipes the PERFECT match for their restaurant counterparts.

                                                I am 100% confident.

                          These are the EXACT ingredients these restaurants use.

In fact, I have been on NATIONAL TV to hold taste tests with real people. They COULD NOT TELL the difference between my cooking and the restaurant’s dishes!

make your favorite restaurant dishesmake your favorite restaurant dishes

                     Why do not more people know about this!?

I could not believe that all of these wonderful recipes were BURIED online. And hidden from sight, scattered across hundreds of websites, blogs, and forums. To make matters worse, there are thousands of fake replica recipes floating around that are just weak imitations.

I just HAD to get the word out! So I decided then and there to collect the BEST, most POPULAR restaurant clone recipes. Tweak them to PERFECTION and release the best cookbook ever written.

Pretty ambitious, I know. But I take my wife’s dares very seriously.

Like I said, I even hired a professional, Chef Tom. He helped me get these dishes PERFECT enough to fool even the PICKIEST eaters among my family and friends. Did it work? See for yourself!make your favorite restaurant dishes

“I just wanted to let you know that IMHO the KFC original recipe is perfect… It is great tasting exactly like the Colonels.” – Ken

“Made the Applebee’s Onion Soup copycat, and it was delightful!” – Ronisue

“Thank you so much for the Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits. I totally love those biscuits.” -T

make your favorite restaraunt dishes“Just had to let you know that I tried the chicken recipe, the latest one advertised by Olive Garden. I can tell you it is DELICIOUS!” – Mary Ann

“I am looking forward to trying out some of these recipes. Especially the Chili’s Southwestern egg rolls and Hooter’s Buffalo Wings. These always go over great for football games.” – Mary McLuckie

“I was in the restaurant field for close to 4 years. And I know that everything is premade, boxed, bagged, and full of blubber, ready to be assembled. I love that I get the same great flavor, without the excess fat and preservatives. It is healthy, full of flavor, and I already have all of the ingredients in my kitchen.” – Martina M.

“I just wanted to let you know that my 10 year old granddaughter Cheyenne made this cheesecake. It was very easy for her to make. Everyone just raved over it!” – Teresa

“Ron, I think your cookbook will put these restaurants out of business. If everyone starts following your instructions and cook from home!” – Yeo Feng

That sure sounds appetizing to me! And those are just a small handful of the HUGE amount of famous recipes I collected since then. Now, I want to share my delicious discoveries with YOU! My secret recipe collection is now complete, and ready for you to enjoy any time you want!

With America’s Restaurant Recipes, you too can re-create the famous signature dishes from your FAVORITE eateries!

All you need is a regular kitchen, simple store bought

ingredients, and of course, your appetite!

With your copy of my best selling America’s Restaurant Recipes cookbook you will:

Save Time – No more wasteful trial and error needed to find the exact taste. Now you can perfectly recreate the flavors of HUNDREDS of dishes from your favorite restaurants!

Save Money – Prepare these meals just ONCE a week instead of going out. And you will save over $180 each month or more! But when you taste how great these dishes are, once a week just will not be enough! That is why I have collected more recipes than you could EVER get tired of!

Get Satisfaction – Not only will you fill your appetite with the flavors you love, but you will LOVE the compliments you get. When people find out you made these famous dishes yourself!

Get Started Fast and Easy – Each recipe is written in fine detail, all approved by Chef Tom himself. They are so simple, even KIDS can cook these dishes. Most kitchens already have all the equipment you need. Plus all the ingredients come straight from your local grocery store!

Eat Healthier – Food you prepare at home does not have any chemicals or preservatives added. YOU get to choose the ingredients that go into the food your family eats. Not a restaurant employee trying to make more profits by skimping on freshness or quality. So Make your Favorite Restaurant Dishes.

Introducing the America’s Restaurant Recipes Collection, The BEST Copycat Cookbooks EVER Created!

make your favorite restaurant dishes

make your favorite restaurant dishes

Contains Over 120 Recipes from 60 of the Country’s Top Restaurants Including: 

  • Applebee’s

  • B.B. King’s

  • Bahama Breeze

  • Balducci’s

  • Ben and Jerry’s

  • Benihana

  • Black Eyed Pea

  • Bob Evans

  • Bob’s Big Boy

  • Cajun Cafe

  • California Pizza Kitchen

  • Carl’s Jr.

  • Carrabba’s Italian Grill

  • Cheesecake Factory

  • Chick-Fil-A

  • Chili’s

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill

  • Church’s

  • Claim Jumper

  • Cracker Barrel

  • Dave and Buster’s

  • Denny’s

  • El Torito’s

  • Emeril’s

  • Famous Dave’s

  • Golden Corral

  • Hard Rock Cafe

  • Hardee’s

  • Houlihan’s

  • Jack In The Box

  • Jimmy Buffett’s

  • Margaritaville

  • Joe’s Crab Shack

  • Kenny Rogers

  • KFC

  • Lawry’s

  • Little Caesar’s

  • Long John Silver’s

  • Macaroni Grill

  • Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse

  • Olive Garden

  • Outback Steakhouse

  • PF Chang’s

  • Pappadeaux

  • Perkins Family Restaurant

  • Pizza Hut

  • Planet Hollywood

  • Red Lobster

  • Red Robin

  • Ruby Tuesday

  • Ruth’s Chris

  • Shoney’s

  • Sonic

  • Starbucks

  • Subway

  • Taco Bell

  • T.G.I. Friday’s

  • Tony Chachere’s

  • Tony Roma’s

  • Wendy’s

  • White Castle

  • And MORE!


And remember, even though you can find a million recipes online, these are EXCLUSIVE recipes. That restaurants go to INSANE lengths to keep secret from the public! The ONLY other place to find these is IN those actual restaurants. But now, YOU do not have to!

Stop waiting on those long lines for a table.make your favorite restaurant dishes

Recreate the tastes you crave for a fraction of the cost. Just follow the simple, step by step instructions!

Uncover the sneaky cooking tricks created by chefs who work at famous restaurants!

Stop the frustrated searching for recipes that will please your picky friends and family. Cook the foods they already LOVE!

They might even FREAK OUT when you tell them you actually made these delicious dishes yourself!

We have been perfecting these recipes collectively with our community of over 115,000 website members since 2003. We have made them SO PERFECT, you will not believe your taste buds! So Make your Favorite Restaurant Dishes.

                But WAIT! There is Even MORE to be Excited About!

America’s Restaurant Recipes 2make your favorite restaurant dishes


After I released the first Volume of my amazing secret recipes for peoples’ favorite foods, the feedback was INCREDIBLE. But of course everyone has DIFFERENT favorites, and the requests for new dishes started pouring in!

By the time I collected and perfected all the requested updates, I had enough for a WHOLE NEW BOOK!

This book contains OVER 100 NEW recipes from 57 restaurants. Including some old favorites and even some NEW featured eateries like:

  • A&W

  • Bennigan’s

  • Brown Derby

  • Chi-Chi’s

  • Dan Marino’s

  • Dreamland BBQ

  • Four Seasons

  • Gardenburger

  • Howard Johnson’s

  • In-N-Out

  • Lone Star Steakhouse

  • Mader’s

  • Old Spaghetti Factory

  • Pizzeria Uno

  • Ritz Carlton

  • Saks Fifth Avenue

  • Sbarro

  • Texas Roadhouse

  • Waldorf Hotel

  • And MORE!

 These additional recipes will please even the most skeptical dining out addicts. make your favorite restaurant dishesRemember, these are the MOST requested dishes from our fans and readers of our first book.

So if there are things on the list you have not tried. You will not know what you are missing until you get this in your hands!

Or, you could go out to dozens of restaurants to try them all. But why would you, when you can cook these all from your own kitchen and enjoy them for WAY less?

Now YOU can cook the specialty dishes of professional chefs. With NO NEED for culinary training, fancy hats, and No need for YEARS of experience at industrial sized stoves!

Even if you do not think of yourself as a good cook now. The people you prepare these dishes for CERTAINLY will!

Now, even though all of us have to tighten our belts and budgets. Even though we HAVE to eat more meals at home. Now YOU do not have to suffer with mediocre recipes or food that your family is disappointed to have.

People WILL NOT BELIEVE you used a regular oven, stove, pots and pans to get these polished, professional results.

Compared to dining out, almost every ingredient you need is available for DRASTIC savings at the local supermarket.

Then Make your Favorite Restaurant Dishes.

But there is EVEN MORE in STORE!

Now, I have put a TON of value on the table here today. I have a SERIOUS goal of helping you keep a LOT of that $2700 a year most families have spent dining out.

AND I am making sure you get every PENNY’S worth. By giving you literally HUNDREDS of recipes that your family will NEVER get tired of. But I ALWAYS go for the maximum.

Secret Sauces Exposed! The Savory Sauces of 5 Star Restaurants.make your favorite restaurant dishes

Did you ever want to make a rich, velvety brown sauce? That you get served in your favorite restaurant?

Or how about a classic lobster based seafood sauce to serve with fish?

Now you can discover how to make dozens of classic and everyday sauces at home in your own kitchen. Even if you have never taken a cooking class in your life!

Kid Approved Cookbook: Delicious Restaurant make your favorite restaurant dishesStyle Dishes the Kids Will Love!

In a hurry to get dinner on the table and before your kids start raiding the snack cupboard? Take a look at this collection of super fast recipes. Here you will find dozens of delicious dishes that will appeal to kids and their parents. The recipes, from Apricot Chicken Drumsticks to Fish Fingers to Baked Ziti. Take anywhere from only five minutes to an hour to prepare. So parents can choose just the right meal to fit their busy schedule.


Herbs 101 – How to Plant, Grow, and Cook with Natural Herbs

Everything You Need to Know About Herbs in the Kitchen!

Have you always wanted an herb garden but did not know how to get started?  Do you want to know more about growing your own herbs in the privacy of your home. And using them in a variety of cooking?

There are many different ways to use herbs in cooking. Plus nothing tastes better in your food than using fresh herbs.

You can get started with America’s Restaurant Recipes immediately. Your family ALREADY loves these famous flavors. Now YOU can take control of your family’s food budget, diet, and once again become their favorite chef! So Make your Favorite Restaurant Dishes Now.

GO HERE TO GET THESE AMAZING BOOKS! By Best Selling Author of America’s Restaurant Recipes, Ron Douglas.

                                        make your favorite restaurant dishes