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“How To Start An App Business With No Programming Knowledge Whatsoever – Earn Daily Income From Millions Of App Users Worldwide.”

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According to Cisco… Apple Android App

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  • Q.Do I need to know about programming?

    A.No. In fact, 99% of our students who are making money with apps right now DO NOT have any programming knowledge or experience at all. It’s about understanding how to build the app business.

  • Q.I am an internet marketing (IM) newbie. Is this suitable for me?

    A.Yes, because an app business doesn’t require you to know much about internet marketing. In fact, if you’ve been failing with internet marketing, you should drop it and work on this for a change. You’ll soon notice that the app business is actually easier to monetize (since there are fewer things to learn).

  • Q. Is this too basic for me if I am an experienced internet marketer?

    A.The coaching program is step-by-step but it’ll be an entire new world to you because it has nothing to do with internet marketing. As an experienced marketer, my only advice is, you SHOULD join me. Today, I run 2 kinds of internet businesses – internet marketing business and app business.

  • Q.What apps are we focusing on?

    A.We’ll start with iPhone apps. If you have a winning iPhone app, you can always consider deploying it to the Google Androids platform later on. Or, you even create iPad versions and At the same time, for content app, we’ll focus more on Androids instead.